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Kylo Ren Sabers on sale now

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Limited run of Kylo Ren sabers;

SithPlanet Kylo Hilt, Crystal Shard 3.0, tri Cree RRR for the main blade, single Cree R for the side blades

Saber comes with a numbered display stand, Blade plug set, Unstable blade set, Charger and RICE Cable.

Numbers 4-11 available.

Also included is a 3 font sound package consisting of 2 x LorBlako Kylo fonts Plus Solo Killer.

Demo video

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Price £695 plus vat.

Silver Sabers

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Silver Sabers Combat, up coming shows and displays.

Stunning projects under development.

Maker Prop Studio SS Graflex Hilt Kits Now available

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New prices for the Standard and Pro Kits. From £250 plus vat.

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