Plo Koon Style Double Saber Special Offer, Sith Belt.

Plo style Double saber with heavy weathering. Buy now and get a free Sith belt and Covertec belt attachment, belt size large.
Single hilt, not two separate sabers
Petite Crouton V4
Colour Extender board
Tri Cree RGrB
Blade plugs
Covertec wheel
2w Bass Speaker
18650 battery 7.4v 3c
Recharge port
RICE socket

Kill keys

Solid, weighty hilt built for duelling, bright and very loud.

UK and Euro Customers can add a "Special Price" 36" or 24" display blade suitable for light duelling.

£500.00£520.00 exc. VAT (£600.00 inc. VAT)


Additional Items available;

Display Stand
Covertec Belt attachment.

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