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89sabers hilt kits in stock; NEW PRICE

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Anakin EP2 £159 BUY HERE

Ani Skinnyflex £159 BUY HERE

Obi 3.5 £149 BUY HERE

Maul Shadow double hilt kit £240 BUY HERE

New Kylo Ren £260 BUY HERE


May 4th deal

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JQsabers Maul/Ventress Neo Saber; one part hilt, Proffie fonts crystal display, BT unit great saber

Last one of 4 made.

£400 plus vat SOLD

Fresh OEM saber bargains PRICE DROP

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SK2 , Proffie 2.2, blade, stand £285

Starkiller Proffie 2.2, blade and stand £300

Darth Malgus, Proffie 2.2 Blade, Stand £300

Contact on if interested.