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New Neo Lightsabers, ready to go.

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Darklord neo saber, full works, Custom chassis, Crystal display, Proffie 2.2, BT unit, Oled, inc blade £725 plus vat SOLD

Custom Double Neo Lightsabers, one off design, two sabers plus coupler. Proffie 2.2, 4w speaker, includes two V2 neo blades cut to length of your choice. Super bright and very loud , PRICE DROP £745 plus vat BUY HERE

New sabers ready to go

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Graflex, 89sabers hilt, Proffie 2.2 , latest OS plus three SW fonts, custom chassis, Oled, BT, Shtok pins, 36″ V2 Neo blade £795 plus vat BUY HERE

US Army Issue Neo Lightsaber, Custom hilt, Verso 2.2 sound board, Neo Blade plug 36″ V2 Neo Blade PRICE DROP £350 plus vat BUY HERE

Happy New Year, fresh TCSS parts in stock

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CFX, Golden Harvest sound boards, MHS Graflex adapters and new Pommel inserts