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Custom short hilt lightsabers

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Custom made hilts, Bronze finished saber has Proffie sound board and 25″ white blade, Tri Cree RGB led. Price £375 plus vat

Second saber is brass with weathered finish, CFX mk2 and KR strip blade, 32″ Price £455 plus vat Both loud and bright



Dark Lord Neo Lightsaber

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Watto’s Dark Lord Hilt with custom chassis, Kyber crystal, Oled, SCW BT unit and 35″ V2 neo blade. Loud and bright.

£755 plus vat


Darth Maul Lightsaber;

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KR Revenge hilt, twin Goth Chassis with Proffie 2.2, set plus two V2 Pixel blades £775 plus vat

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