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New EU prices and shipping, post Brexit we now have new rules and regs for EU customers. Prices are now NON VAT, invoices have to be included for shipping and tax will be levied in the country of destination. This may well incur extra charges at the customers side. I am waiting on confirmation that orders to the goods value £39 will pass through the system minus these extra charges. DHL prices now include a surcharge for Covid/Brexit, most of this should be offset by the removal of VAT on shipping costs. EU shipping is still suspended due to Covid, been told end of this week for resumption of service. If so outstanding orders will will ship next week.

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Xmas Holiday; the site will still be open for orders but shipping will be from the 6th January.

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A big thank you to all JQ customers for the support this year, it’s been trying times for all.

NEW STOCK; 89sabers Hilt kits.

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Graflex, MPP, Mace Windu, Obi and Fallen Order hilts back in stock