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Lightsaber Hilt Kits SALE

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Imperial Knights Hilt £99 plus vat Buy Here

89sabers Graflex £127.50 plus vat Buy Here

89sabbers MPP Vader £130 plus vat Buy Here

89sabers Obi K4 £130 plus vat Buy Here

Collectors edition Mace Windu Lightsabers

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Superb 89sabers hilts with Proffie v1.5, Neopixel installs and custom internal crystal chassis display. Plus all the trimmings.

Price £995 plus vat

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New product; GOTG Yaka Arrow

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Magic flying space arrow, easy build kit with option for illumination and whistle activation,

Arrow Kit £99 plus vat BUY HERE

Arrow kit plus light unit and cable £140 plus vat BUY HERE