Obi K4 Saber Deal of the Day.

Obi K4 Sabers; Crystal Shard 4.0, Tri Cree BBW, 2w Bass speaker.

£395 plus vat

Ready to go

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SS Graflex TFA/TLJ Reveal Saber#2

Just completed, TFA Graflex with twin crystals and light pipe reveal.

Custom machined chassis, Crystal Shard, True premium Speaker.

With Darklyte display stand.


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New sabers in stock

Brawler Neopixel saber with Blade , £335 plus vat

MHSV2, slim and elegant £395 plus vat

OWK Custom £395 plus vat







LPA NN-14 Blasters

Rey style Blasters;
Awesome Solo’s Hold Blaster kit with Goth 3D chassis.
Plus extra Goodies.


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Lightsaber Training.

For Saber fans who want to learn how to wield their weapons, you need this.

Classes for adults and children Contact Fais or Nick at Silver Sabres Academy 

Silver Sabres Childrens Classes

A short video featuring some of our younger students, sparring, studying, meditating :)Enjoy!

Publié par Silver Sabres LED Sabre Combat Academy sur lundi 5 mars 2018


Now shipping Batteries

We have a courier delivery service for Li-ion batteries, our auto shipping plug in for the site is nearly ready but for now shipping costs will be adjusted after purchase.

NEW in stock

Keeppower high current batteries for Neopixel blades.

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Obi K4 sabers

K4 sabers with NEW Crystal Shard 4.0

Now with polished emitter

Very loud.

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