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    Hi Admin,

    I was having a problem with the password i was given at registration, its very complicated…so i tried to reset it but its still asking for a very complicated password, is there any easier way to set a ‘simpler’ password?

    Daren AdminDaren Admin

    Dear USER,

    Yes unfortunately due to the spread of spammers and general non-human attacks on forums our forum platform has very stringent password requirements.
    The ONLY time at which a user may select an EASIER password is at the first registration, the system will offer you a password that looks complicated but YOU CAN CHANGE IT, to one of your liking, don’t worry so much about WEAK/STRONG, just delete the suggestion and enter your chosen one.

    THIS IS THE ONLY TIME WHEN YOU CAN ENTER A ‘SIMPLE PASSWORD’ if you accept the system generated one and then try change it later it will require one of equal complication, so the only other alternative is to contact us to DELETE your account so you may re-use your chosen username/email.

    See the images below:
    STEP 1
    step 1
    STEP 2
    Step 2
    STEP 3
    Step 3
    STEP 4
    Step 4

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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