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Apprentice Neopixel-Proffie Lightsaber

Built to order, lead time 7 days  NOW WITH AUXILIARY BUTTON.

Clean, buffed aluminium hilt with no burrs or sharp edges. ideal for saber training.

Powder coated grip option.

New style Apprentice  Lightsabers are built for duelling though this Neopixel version is not suitable for combat due to the led blade. The same saber is available with in hilt leds which can be used for full duelling and competition.   See the Cree version for a full combat saber.

285mm length x 34mm diameter, weight 390 gms

Proffie v1.5 sound board with easy access to usb and sd. The saber is preset with the default settings and ready to use. To change settings and fonts requires a working knowledge of Arduino and Proffie programming and not recommended for beginners.

28mm Bass speaker

16mm illuminated switch, NEW RGB switch to match the blade colour and effects

Keeppower 3.7v 18650 3120 mah battery

Recharge socket

Kill key

MUTE feature for training class work.

Requires a 3.7v Li-ion Charger. BUY HERE

POWDER COATING Options include Fine textured powder coated grip in black, other colours are available on request.

Weathering options can be added to powder coated hilts.

Up-grades available are  Leather grip, Covertec wheel, Blade plug.

Takes 1" blade, Add a Neopixel Blade  HERE.

Demo video



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