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Crystal Focus Saber Core™ V9.0

Crystal Focus V9

This board does not support NeoPixel

One SD card is included that has 12 sound fonts. If you would like to purchase additional sound fonts please visit

Owners Manual

Features & Maximum Ratings

Dimensions: 2.0"x.875"x.30" (51.4x23.5x7.5 mm) with the microSD card.

Power supply : 3.7 to 11 V / 3.5A (with High-power LED). 2 li-ion cells (18650 or 14500) batteries recommended. Compatible with a single cell pack with a simple hack.

Idle current consumption : .3mA (deep sleep mode)

Speaker: 4 to 8 ohm.

Audio output Power : 2W


  • [NEW] iSaber Multitrack playing (track + saber Fx) with individual volume control
  • [NEW] iSaber Fx swing clash stab and spin.
  • [NEW] iSaber classic flicker + pulse or dynamic flicker (audio flicker)
  • [NEW] iSaber specific font selection, or latest used (selected via the font menu prior entering iSaber)
  • [NEW] Improved vocal menu audio real time mixing
  • [NEW] Up to 16 color profiles
  • [NEW] Spectrum™: a dynamic motion-based Color selection method
  • [NEW] Improved color morphing between profiles
  • [NEW] Mute-power-off (along with Mute-On-The-Go)
  • [NEW] Specific start color profile (font specific)
  • [NEW] Per Color Profile FoC mixing
  • [NEW] Colder / More efficient power management
  • [NEW] Omnisaber support
  • [NEW] Accubolt & Multi bolt ported to CF (inherits from Prizm v5)
  • [NEW] Deep Sleep & Deep Sleep pad (to power aux. electronics like a BT module, and accents)
  • [NEW] New dimensions 50.77 x 22.13mm. Narrower PCB (< 7/8")
  • [NEW] End of lockup sound slot for a smoother transition when returning to hum (ported from Blaster Core)
  • [NEW] 16 bit motion sensing, larger motion dynamic range
  • [NEW] Even faster motion sensing with improved (lower) motion-to-sound latency, now down to 4.74ms




  • Triple sensor. Though I keep working ATM on new ideas / use cases for this 3rd sensor, this initial V8 releases provides a first cool feature that uses it ! The choice for a new sensor is also motivated by a better motion signal definition.
  • Dynamic motion flow. A more realistic motion flow limiters (swing and clash parameters in the override config file). Now automated based on the sound that is played
  • PLI with GLYPHS. The Glyph table (used for instance on a 7 segment display) is now available for the PLI. It can display the PLI level as a number or match any representation on a non standard bargraph
  • Sizable PLI from 1 to 8 leds (using the halfdisplay param that now extends from 0 to 7). This allows to have a more complex bargraph composed of a PLI (even a single LED, static if enough power, blinking fast if power is getting low), regular sequenced LEDs, and special accents (blade mirror, crystal chamber pulsing etc).
  • Magic activation using the new sensor. Bring a magnet or a steel piece close to the hilt and it will trigger the saber blade ignition. Pretty cool for demos of your character sabers (Use the Force !), saber thrown in the air by a partner and lit instantly when caught, or for life size mannequin in your man cave. Adjustable threshold.
  • Mute-On-The-Boot ported to main volume. When volume is set to 5 (above max, lol) the orientation of the saber defines the volume from max (up) to zero (pointing down).
  • Stab visual fx can now be fully disabled during FoC even with focmix set to full mix. Minor feature from the todo list.
  • Crystal Chamber color profiles added. The same way a blade / foc color profiles overrides the led settings defined in each font, the crystal chamber has its own profile (defined with the rest of the color profile in the override file). This way the crystal chamber pulsing can reflect (or not) the latest selected blade profile.
  • TRIDENT™ support (read dedicated paragraph below). Expected, requested, easy to code, so there you are :-).
  • Tangible, accessory based, on-the-fly (almost) font selection / change / swap.
  • FOUR (4) color channels and TRUE color mixing (CEx compliant) powered by FlexiBlend™ using the color satellite board or stand alone using a single cell.
  • All digital, Dual (now Triple) motion sensor with MotionFusion™. 6 (now 9) DoF system allowing perfect separation of motion classes while using continuous & dynamic measurements along with user definable thresholds (no on-off sensors)
  • up to TWELVE (12) sound fonts selectable via our long standing & popular vocal menu
  • Font description sound (formerly one-six.wav sounds) now stored in the font itself (font.wav), UNMIXED.
  • Real-time mixing of the audio menu background track with the font description sounds
  • Skinned Audio User Interface. Former beeps are replaced by user changeable sounds (ok, cancel, beep.wav etc).
  • Specific Vocal Menu sound volume
  • Mute-on-the-Boot™
  • up to 4 pre-power on sounds
  • up to 4 combos (4 sounds) with ComboFx™
  • SPINS detection (4 sounds) with SpinFx™
  • STAB detection (4 sounds) with StabFx™
  • Specific Lockup color
  • Saber Orientation lockup color control
  • EIGHT ( 8 ) accent LEDs (still 32 stages sequence with stop and loop instructions using either 0 or 65535 for the delay)
  • Crystal Chamber color mixing on accent LEDs or using PMW signals
  • Special Flash on Clash™ mixing engine that allows various LEDs and color schemes to be implemented. That includes the Legacy FoC (aka "On top FoC" the way we defined it in the CFv5.
  • Improved file fetching, up to 16 GB µSD card, drag and drop compliant (tested on PC at least)
  • Override file access thru R.I.C.E. and re-organization of common parameters for simplified configuration editing and authoring
  • Board temperature monitoring within R.I.C.E.
  • same dimensions as the CFv6.5 51.4x23.5x7.5 mm
  • Just as easy to HACK as the PC2/3 or the CFv6
  • 2 On-board Power Extenders (PEx)
  • Force and Force Clash effect sound
  • 4 blaster sounds
  • Up to 4 boot sounds
  • *actual* 16 bit DAC for *actual* 16 bit sound output
  • Regulated Audio engine, CFV6 loudness and audio quality
  • 3A current on the on-board channel #1 (current regulator)
  • Bargraph Glyph (audio menu)

£78.00 exc. VAT (£93.60 inc. VAT)



  • Warranty is for 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • Warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials under normal use and service.
  • Damage due to improper soldering will void the warranty.
  • Warranty does not cover shipping charges to send it in for repair.

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