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Hasbro Luke/Rey ANH Black Series conversion kit

Hasbro Luke ANH Black Series conversion kit.
This kit should also fit the MR Luke ANH from 2007.
Blade/LED holder for converting a Hasbro Luke Black Series to a in the hilt LED.
LED, lens, lens holder, and blade retention screw will need to be ordered seperately.
The kit can use a 8-32 set screw or thumbscrew for blade retention and will accept our short graflex pins.

Recommended set up;

9w RGB set to Blue or Blue Green for Ice Blue, or choose a single Cree Red led

Led and wiring kit available. ( Wire, Heatshrink, Thermal Tape, Led and Lens.)+ Resistor

Blade is 1" diameter.

The installation instructions can be found on our Forum.

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