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Mace Windu Neopixel Lightsaber #2

Mace Windu lightsaber with full install;

89Sabers Mace hilt MK1

Proffie 2.2 with Mace and default fonts

Shtok Neo pinset

Custom made Aluminium and Brass  Chassis

Oled screen

4 Neopixel accent display, preset patterns, on it's own data line and can be set to any style.

SCW BT909 Blu tooth with led indicators

3.7v Keeppower 3120mah 15amp Battery

24mm Saber Essentials Speaker

35" KR strip 7/8 Neopixel blade

Illuminated Jedi stand, can be set to any colour.

JQsabers Mace Plaque.


Very bright saber with good sounds.

  • The finish on this hilt is very good, couple of very minor flaws have to look real close to see.
  • The blade plug also has some flaw but a polished brass replacement is included to swap it over.


The saber is available on it's own, no blade or stand, email me for a price.

Shipping, there may be an adjustment to the shipping costs depending on location.

£895.00 exc. VAT (£895.00 inc. VAT)

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