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MHSv1 Nano Biscotte V4 Assembly NEO

MHSv1 Nano Biscotte Sound Module V4 Assembly
#  CURRENT STOCK IS MINUS THE HEADER AND WIRING.   NEOPIXEL WIRING 20awg Dataline and switch wires (JST if requested). can be added, PLEASE STATE ON ORDER


These now come in a Black/Gold colorway on the PCB (Shown in pictures)

These are designed to hold 1x 18650 battery such as the Trustfire 18650 2 Pack that we sell.

-- This version of the assembly is not compatible with a recharge port --  You can find the other version HERE

The sound module comes with an SD card preloaded with Lightmeat, Greymeat and Darkmeat sound fonts. You can add your own sound fonts to the SD cards as well.

The SD card will need to be configured for the individual components being used such as setting the volume to 3 for all Saber Essentials speakers.

This has the same features as a NBv4 except for the following changes.

1. This board has a 3rd channel power extender built in. Since this shares the same circuit as the NeoPixel data line there is jumper pads that switch between the two setups. It comes setup by default NOT for NeoPixel use. To enable it to be used for NeoPixel, the solder needs to be removed from the jumper pads which we can do for you if you select NeoPixel setup from the drop down selection above.

2. The pinout is different..

From top to bottom, board pinout
** Positive (+)
** Negative (-)
** Activator switch
** Channel 1 (-)
** Channel 2 (-)
** Channel 3 (-)
** NeoPixel Data

Do not solder to the module while the SD card is installed and do not remove or install the SD card while power is applied to the module.


  • Warranty is for 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • Warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials under normal use and service.
  • Damage due to improper soldering will void the warranty.
  • Warranty does not cover shipping charges to send it in for repair.

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