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NEW Apprentice Saber Kit NEOPIXEL

New Apprentice Hilt kit

285mm length x 34mm diameter, weight 390 gms

Kit includes;

1" Neopixel Hilt side adaptor TCSS,    NOT SHOWN IN PICTURE

Speaker/Board, Battery holder, this will hold an 18650 battery, 28mm speaker and a sound board , Pico, Nano and Proffie.

Speaker O ring

Hilt has an 8mm hole cut for a Switchcraft recharge socket.


Takes a 1" blade


Apprentice  hilts are built for duelling, full combat and competition fighting. Standard Display Blades are suitable for light duelling and normal saber play, Combat Blades are for competition fighting and the Heavy Duty Blades for full on duelling.


£65.00 exc. VAT (£78.00 inc. VAT)

Additional Items required;

Sound board, choose, Pico or Nano for this hilt

Led and lens- standard 9w RGB or Tri Cree of any colour combo. (no RGB for Nano)


16mm Switch

Pommel insert and C clip

Recharge socket, Kill key

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