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Spectra V2 Blade Controller

Spectra v2 - High Power RGB LED Controller for Stunt Sabers - bring your stunt Saber to life!

Blade LED controller with ramping, blade shimmer, Flash on Clash and Lock up effects. Now with 12 pre-set colours, and many new features!

Spectra is the more colourful brother of CoreFX v2. Exclusivley made for JQ Sabers by 7-Chambers, here in the UK.

Easy to wire, best suited for a 3.7v Li-Ion battery. LED and Lens included

£12.50 exc. VAT (£15.00 inc. VAT)

In-depth features

– Dimensions: 23mm x 18mm

– Power Supply: 3.4v-6v 3A max

– Momentary switch required

– Fade on/off. – Lock-up, and Contact Flash.

– NEW Flicker – 3 selectable options: No flicker, medium, and heavy.

NEW RGB colour mixing support – 12 colours: Red, Purple, Blue, Cyan, Green, Yellow, Pale Pink, Lilac, Sky Blue, Meadow Green, Lime.

– NEW Full contact flash support for RGB setups (gives a white contact flash, depending on resistor configuration).

– Full support for single or triple-die LEDs (e.g. Blue, Blue, White Tri-Cree).

– NEW 4 dedicated accent LED support ( 1 lighted AV switch ring, 3 for a random LED bargraph).

– NEW Deep sleep with over 70 days battery life on a full charge (3400mAh 18650 Li-Ion cell).

Operating instructions

“Operating Spectra v2: – To access the colour menu, simply hold the activation switch down for 5 seconds. – To navigate the colour menu, simply press the button.

Once you have found the colour you would like to use, simply hold the button for 1.2 seconds. – To change the flicker, simply double- click in short succession when in the colour menu. Again, hold the button for 1.2 seconds to save this setting. – To activate lock-up, simply press the activation switch while the blade is active. – Deep sleep will automatically activate after 5 minutes, while the Saber is turned off and idle.”

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