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Starkiller Neopixel Lightsaber

New in, 7 Chambers/Phoenix Props Starkiller Lightsaber;  Non weathered, can weather if required.

Proffie Sound board

KRsabers Neopixel Pin set

Keeppower 18650 3.7v 15amp Li-ion Battery

28mm Bass Speaker

Blade plug.

INCLUDES a 36" KRsabers Neopixel blade with parabolic tip.

Superb version of this popular saber, weighty, great sound effects and all blade colour options.

Please note, the Proffie requires a good knowledge of Arduino programming to change fonts and settings.


We have more of these hilts available built to your specifications. Please contact us for more details.

£695.00 exc. VAT (£834.00 inc. VAT)

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