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The Excelsior Cross Guard Combat Saber

New saber design from The Silver Sabers Academy, built for duelling competitions and full combat.

Length 41cm , Diameter 32mm, weight 765g

Standard configuration of 3w led main blade with matching 1w side leds, choice of colours and up-grade to a twin Cree XP-E2 main blade.

Choice of switch colour.

3.7v 18650 2400 mah  Li-ion battery in a chassis, very good run time with the standard led set up, option to up-grade.

Recharge socket

Add a leather grip of your choice. NEW SHRINK WRAP GRIP AVAILABLE

Brushed aluminium hilt with options to finish.

Comes with two 1"x 9cm side blades with parabolic tips.

Main blade is 1", we recommend the Combat blade BUY HERE

Weathering options, Hilt is buffed and spray painted in an acrylic black paint and then buffed back leaving light weathering( will wear in), option 2, hilt is fully powder coated in black satin powder, then buffed back to bare metal, light, medium or heavy buffing ( permanent finish)


Powder coating options, best durable finish is from the fine textured powders, good for the whole hilt, metal powders are good for the emitter section.

Extra machining details can also be added to the emitter.





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